50 Border Leicester Rams sold

it would be good to have some figures and some info about last year’s sale

Our 5th On-Property Ram Sale went very well……

Our breeding strategy is to strive for continuous improvement in all areas of sheep production. We use flock breeding values, whilst also placint a high priority on visual appraisal when classing.

Ram Husbandry

  • All rams offered for sale were born between 15 July and 5 September 2014
  • Scabby mouth, Glanvac 6(B12) at lamb marketing with booster at weaning
  • Rams were shorn and backlined with Extinosad on 5 Jne 2015
  • Last Drenched with Ivomec Broad Spectrum – 21 August 2015

Sires used in 2014

  • Retallack 281/2009 (Sire Black’s A Fake), White Button
  • Tattykeel 247/2009 (Sire Ellingerin Hot Shot), Blue Button
  • Tattykeel 185/2011 (Sire, Kelso, Finishing Touch), Purple Button
  • Kelso M132/10 (Sire: Kelso L136T) Red Button


We look forward to welcoming you to Lynwood for the next year sale !

Andrew, Gina, Lucy, Kate and George

‘Lynwood’ Suntop Road Wellington NSW